The Chris Trew Blog: Notes from “How To Do The Work”

Dr. Nicole LePera is my favorite new Instagram follow of 2021. I also highly recommend grabbing her new book, How to do the Work.

Below are a couple of notes from the book along with some inspired thoughts.

As you grow older, you become distanced from your childlike self. But it’s not lost, just buried. (Note from Chris: This is exactly why so many adults pursue improv without an end game of “being a famous comedian”. Working thought: Improv is the shovel)

Giving yourself time to play and connect with others can lead to a more authentic you. When you engage socially, everything falls into place. From your smile to the sound of your voice to your ability to listen. According to Dr. Nicole, this helps with problem solving, planning for the future, and emotional regulation. (Note from Chris: I’ve seen this many times in my students. There’s this unbeatable feeling that comes along with giving yourself the space to be playful. It’s very similar to that post workout glow or body high that gym rats refer to)

Dr. Nicole LePera: “Your ‘learning brain’ is flexible, open, calm, peaceful, and curious, all key states for achieving milestones in neurological and behavioral development in childhood. We are more likely to make mistakes and learn from them. We are more likely to get up when we fall.” (Note from Chris: I always tell people in improv classes, that the “mistakes” are inevitable and we learn to weave them seamlessly into the work so that they organically become part of the world we are creating. That way there’s no time to get lost in the “mistake” itself. Note the quotations around that word every time I use it)

Inspired to learn how learning improv can lead to a more authentic you?

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