10 Comedians You Need To KnowPaper Magazine

Chris Trew is that he’s a man who realized that not only could he live his dream, he could live ALL OF THEM, and he could live them all at once” – UPROXX

Chris Trew’s Unabashedly Weird Comedy Comes to the Scruffy City Comedy Festival
– Knoxville Mercury, Knoxville, Tennessee

“Chris Trew is out of his fucking mind” – The Austin Chronicle

Of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival’s four headliners, only one, Chris Trew, is what you might call a regular white dude – although, given his otherworldly beard and penchant for bizarre behavior, Trew might not even be human.” – Star News Online, Wilmington, North Carolina

Howard Stern calls Air Sex ‘highly offensive’UPROXX

Hipster Dirtbag welcomed to Pro Wrestling – A Chris Trew beating tribute – Zombie Blood Fights, Austin, Texas

12 Best Sets at FunFunFun Fest – Spin Magazine

“A performance artist at the highest level” – The Wrestling Blog

“The Andy Kaufman of hip-hop” – MC Lars

“Edison had Menlo Park. Mack Sennett had Keystone Studios. And Chris Trew has, frankly, all the world” – Austin Chronicle

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