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Chris Trew

It took me forever to get on stage and try stand-up comedy for the first time.

I had the work ethic to write jokes and the passion to learn about the art form. But I was missing the confidence to try it. So years went by before I stepped on stage, compounding the problem.

How many things have you missed out on because you didn’t think you could do it?

What would be different about your life if you had more confidence? Would your relationships be better? Your business?

When people tell me they’ve always wanted to get into comedy, I know what’s most likely holding them back. It’s the confidence to get up and give it a try. Writing the jokes and learning the technical aspects of the art form is not enough. You need to have the confidence.

Since confidence isn’t for sale, you have to learn how to create it.

In June I’ll be hosting a workshop series called Improv for Confidence and Stage Presence. You will learn how to create the confidence you need to start showing up on life’s many stages.

The class is limited to 8 people only. This way everyone gets the time and attention they need to see the progress I know we’ll make.

>>> If you’re ready to create your confidence and have some fun this June, check out the course by clicking here. ​

All students also score a complimentary one-on-one coaching session after the workshop series. But there’s only 8 spots available and this email just went out to 300 people. So if you’re interested, you know what to do!

Confident we’ll make some major progress towards your goals,
Chris Trew!

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